Our exciting Assam tour packages

Assam is the most culturally diverse state in the north east. Sprawling tea estates, ancient temples seeped in history and legend; the famed Assam silk, the rich bio- diversity of Kaziranga and Manas National Park, and a vibrant cultural heritage are just some of the attractions that await you in this dynamic gateway to the northeast. Assam is framed by the lofty peaks of the eastern Himalayas in the north and nestled in the middle of two river valleys- the Barak and the Brahmaputra which originates in Tibet and flows through Assam and into Bangladesh, making it the only Indian River to flow over three countries. So, if you fancy a trip to the largest river island in the world, try the distinct flavours of Assamese cuisine or get a close range sighting of the celebrated but near-extinct one-horned rhino, come to Assam.

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Roar, trumpet, growl, squawk, hiss…!

Assam is home to several prominent wildlife sanctuaries of which the Kaziranga and Manas National Park are UNESCO conferred world heritage sites. With hundreds of species of rare flora and fauna, these parks are a dream for nature lovers and wildlife enthusiasts. Kaziranga is home to the highest population density of the endangered one-horned rhinoceros. Stay at one of the many Kaziranga hotels that have come up in and around the park to experience the thrill of living with animals in the wild! Manas National Park, situated at the foothills of the eastern houses several species of big cats like the Bengal tiger, leopard, clouded leopard, and panther. The best Assam tours offer a first- hand experience of sighting these rare species of birds and animals in their natural habitat.

Golf and tea make it a sporty day

Assam is home to some of the biggest tea estates in the world and accounts for half of the total tea production in India. A popular trip in our Assam tourism packages includes a visit to some of the famous ‘tea-teas’ of the region. Tea-tees are golf courses inside tea estates. They were originally established for the leisure of British planters and now serve as popular resorts for tourists. The golf courses are some of the best in the country and nearly all with nine holes. The Digboi Golf Course in Digboi Refinery and Kaziranga Golf Resort in Jorhat are the best known tea-tees in Assam. Stay at a tea bungalow to learn about the fascinating process of tea making and taste the day’s first flush for yourself!

Visit the largest river island in the world

Majuli Island on the Brahmaputra is a popular destination on Assam tourism packages. The place is significant not just because of its status as the largest river island in the world but also as the seat of satras or Vaishnavite monasteries. These satras were established in Majuli as early as the 15th century and since then have been centres of traditional performing arts and Assamese culture. Another interesting aspect of Majuli is the tribal population. Some of the dominant tribal groups include the Mishings, Sonowal Kacharis and Deoris among others. The Mishing are excellent weavers and weave the famous Muga silk sarees. The best cultural tour operators in India let you get an intimate perspective into the lives of these people, far removed from the touches of modernity.

Ancient relics spin a web of myth and history

Assam presents a varied combination of ancient Hindu temples and Buddhist monasteries. Some of these temples date back to the 11th century and bear testimony to the sophistication of Assamese architecture. North Guwahati in particular is home to several famous temples. Guwahati sightseeing tours include an extensive visit to many of these ancient temples of which the Kamakhya Temple, Dirgheswari Temple and Dol Govinda Temple of Lord Krishna are significant. Assam also holds some fascinating relics from its monarchical past. Sibasagar, 60 kilometres from Jorhat was the capital of the great Ahom dynasty, the longest unbroken dynasty of India. The engineering wonders found at Sibasagar are truly awe-inspiring. So, whether you’re interested in a spiritual trip to the holy shrines or a fascinating discovery of the land’s cultural and historical past, our Assam tourism packages have it all.

Enjoy a luxury cruise on the Brahmaputra 

Assam offers some of the best ecotourism in India. Come aboard a luxury cruise to sail down the mighty Brahmaputra. Assam tourism packages offer relaxing trips on the river with stunning views of the surrounding landscape. A lucky few can spot the elusive Gangetic Dolphin. A Brahmaputra cruise presents an amazing vantage point. It’s a great getaway with some interesting stops along the way and is best enjoyed in the months between October and April.

Discover the splendour of Assam silk

Assam is famous for its intricately woven fine silks. The best Assam tours take you on a trip to the heart of the action where these fabrics are made. You will be spoiled for choices among the Muga, Eri and Pat silks. It’s fascinating to learn of the traditional methods of weaving still used by the tribal and indigenous people of Assam even today. The brilliant white Pat silk for example is interesting as the special silkworms that make it feed only on mulberry leaves. Pick up a coveted muga silk mekhla stole as a souvenir and be the cynosure of your friends’ eyes at the next party!

So come to Assam and experience it all for yourself. Whether you want to indulge in a relaxing luxury cruise on the Brahmaputra or travel across the state visiting its many temples like Kamakhya and Shakti Peeth, we’ve got it covered. Assam offers the most diverse ecotourism in India. So book with us today and get ready to discover Awesome Assam.