Mizoram: A Hidden Gem

Mizoram is a quiet hill-state situated in the eastern frontiers of India and one of the most unexplored places in the region. Home to the imposing Blue Mountains and gushing Vantawng Falls, Mizoram is a treasure trove of natural wonders, unspoilt by the ravages of tourism. The Mizo culture is a unique mix of tribal and non-tribal influences and manifests itself in the vibrant festivals, exotic foods and colourful costumes of the state. Wild life here thrives in the open and also in the sanctuaries where every care is taken to ensure their well being. A trip to Mizoram is a unique holiday. It takes you the remote hinterlands of the country and exposes you to a kaleidoscope of new and intriguing experiences: visit primitive villages of tribal folk, witness their extraordinary customs and festivals, try new and exotic flavours and enjoy moments of quiet introspection in the solitude of the hills.

Natural Wonders

The landscape of Mizoram is beautiful and varied. A landscape that spans mountains, forests and lakes, Mizoram is home to some of the most beautiful and pristine natural wonders in the northeast states. The Vantawng Falls situated in the Vanva River in Thenzawl is the highest waterfall in the state with an estimated height of 750 feet. Verdant forests surround the falls, making it difficult to get a close range view. It is a two-tiered fall that can be seen from a distance as a gushing cascade of froth, milky white against the green of its environs. Moving up to higher ground, the enchanting Blue Mountains of Mizoram are a Mecca for trekkers and photography enthusiasts. Known as the abode of the Gods, the Phawngpui Peak in the mountain is the highest peak in Mizoram at an altitude of 2165 metres. The grasslands surrounding the peak are a great spot for bird watching. Moving back down again, Tamdil Lake is the largest lake in Mizoram and a popular spot for locals and tourists alike.


Mizoram is home to some of the best trekking trails in the country. Reiek located about 30 kilometres from Aizawl is perched on the western slope of the mountain amid virgin forests and lush grasslands. Reiek Village itself is situated at the base of the mountain while a tourist lodge is located halfway up. This is the starting point of a trek up to the peak. The ascend takes about 30 minutes walking uphill and is a popular route for short treks. The picturesque village of Hmuifang situated on top of Hmuifang Hills is another trekker’s paradise in Mizoram. The beautiful village with its panoramic views of the surrounding mountains and verdant valleys is a commonly used base for treks to surrounding Mizo villagers. The treks range from 2 to 35 kilometres with visits to the quaint tribal villages of Sumsuih, Thiak, Baktawng and Sialsuk.

Local Flavours

Mizoram is a gastronomical paradise for epicureans with an array of exotic and interesting flavours. The local cuisine is characterised by the use of traditional methods of cooking and smoking meats and uses fresh produce and locally sourced spices. The meat that they locally call sarep is used in a variety of stews and soups. Vawksa Rep is a delicacy in Mizoram. It is a hearty meat dish cooked with smoked pork, fresh green vegetable and chillies. Bai is another popular dish of Mizoram. It is essentially a broth made with pork, fresh vegetables, bamboo shoots and an assortment of local spices. Zu, or the local tea in Mizoram is another state favourite and consumed with almost every meal. For more festive occasions, the heady Lubrusca grape wine makes an appearance. The best tours of Mizoram give you a 360 degree experience of the land, its culture, people and food.

Thriving Wildlife

The Northeast is home to seven of India’s major national parks. Mizoram too has a rich selection of fauna and avi fauna that thrive in the many reserve forests and sanctuaries in the state. Blue Mountain National Park, Dampa Tiger Reserve, Ngenpui Wildlife Sanctuary and Murlen National Park are the best known national parks in Mizoram. These are mostly sub-tropical forests and home to a wide variety of animals like leopards, wild elephants, tigers, Hoolock gibbons, Gaur Bisons and several species of birds like Whistling Teal, Crested eagle, and Mrs. Hume’s Pheasant among others. If you’re interested in wildlife and photography, then these are some of the best places to visit in Northeast India. Enjoy jeep or elephant-back safaris inside the reserve forests. At Ahom, we know the best zones inside the reserves for maximum animal and bird spotting.

Tribal Festivals

Mizoram celebrates a host of colourful festivals all year round. Chapchar Kut is the main festival of Mizoram and celebrates the agrarian culture of the state. Held annually in March, the festival is celebrated through traditional song and dance like the distinctive bamboo dance Cheraw. Dancers move to the rhythm of drums and clashing cymbals. Food, art and craft and flower shows are the highlights of this colourful tribal festival tour. The annual Anthurium Festival is another popular festival organised by the government of Mizoram to promote tourism in the state. The 3- day festival held in the beautiful Reiek Village is a cultural extravaganza of music, dance, food, art and games and celebrates the beautiful Anthurium flower. The festival is significant for bringing together all the tribes and sub- tribes of the state in a united forum of celebration and national identity. Thalfavang Kut is another agrarian festival held annually in November to celebrate the end of cultivation and to await the season of harvest. This is a vibrant festival celebrated through song, dance and merrymaking and is a great portrayal of Mizo culture.

Mizoram is one of the most interesting places to visit in Northeast India. Ahom takes you into the heart of this remote hill-state and exposes you to its many charms that remain largely undiscovered. With our expertise in the region we can design customised itineraries to let you enjoy the trip you want. So come to Mizoram and discover all that this quaint state has to offer.