December 2018

November 2018

Small Group Tours Across Mountains, Valleys, Forests And Rivers

For us at Ahom, travel involves so much more than just visiting places. It’s a journey to discover new cultures, languages, foods, traditions and people. Northeast India is such a rich reserve of diversities. You could be cruising down the Brahmaputra, enjoying exotic Assamese dishes while taking in the enchanting views of the surrounding landscape. Or, make the arduous trek up to the Kanchenjunga base camp crossing virgin forests and pristine glacial lakes on your way. Meet ancient tribesfolk living in remote villages in the Himalayan valley and hear their stories. Visit the cleanest village in Asia and discover the ethos of conservation practiced by the villagers. We partner with the best guides and local partners with proven expertise of the northeast region. Together, we take you to the places and let you live the stories for an unforgettable experience. It may not always be your first choice to travel alone on a private trip. A small group of like minded people travelling to the exquisite and remote lands of the north east India may also be a good option. Check your calendar and match with our fixed departure dates for the journey of your life.