Luxury River Cruise

An unforgettable experience of travelling on the mighty Brahmaputra

The Brahmaputra is the only river in the world that flows through three countries. It originates in the icy slopes of Tibetan glaciers before meandering into India and finally flows into Bangladesh. Our Brahmaputra river cruise offers you 5-star accommodation on board a luxury cruise ship. Feel like royalty in the land of the Ahom kings and discover the many charms of Assam in style. From visiting the ancient Kamakhya Temple, to exploring a tribal village cut off from modern amenities, from elephant-back safaris in Kaziranga National Park to trying your hand at tea picking at a plantation, to visiting the relics of the Ahom dynasty at Sivasagar - do all this and more while enjoying top class comfort

River Brahmaputra Upstream Luxury Cruise

Downstream River Brahmaputra Luxury Cruise