Discover the Abode of Clouds with the Best Meghalaya Tours

Step into a land of brooding clouds blurring the frontiers of Heaven and Earth. Experience vibrant festivals that celebrate the amalgamation of ancient cultures and traditions. Visit the rainiest place on Earth. Bathe in the many waterfalls cascading down the blue hills. Explore the wonders of natural caves and be regaled by their legends. Come to Meghalaya, the abode of clouds and lose yourself to the magnanimous bounty of Nature. An estimated 70 percent of Meghalaya is forested and constitutes a rich biodiversity of exquisite flora and fauna. Shillong, the capital of Meghalaya is surrounded by rolling hills, lush green meadows and misty lakes earning it the apt moniker of “Scotland of the East”. The quaint hill station is a popular tourist spot not just for its natural beauty but also for its vicinity to some of the best tourist destinations in Meghalaya.

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Mesmerizing Meghalaya Tour - Tour
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Mesmerizing Meghalaya Tour

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Welcome to Meghalaya! The land of rolling hills and gushing waterfalls hidden behind a veil of brooding clouds Meghalaya is blessed with some of the most spectacular and intriguing natural wonders in the northeast. Our Mesmerizing Meghalaya Tour takes you to the heart of the Abode of Clouds to discover these hidden gems for yourself. Visit Mawlynnong, touted as the cleanest village in Asia and learn about the ethos of conservation practised by its inhabitants. Our tour takes you on a trek across a fascinating ‘double- decker’ root bridge near Nongriat, where roots of fig trees have been trained to form a natural bridge at a height of 2400 ft. over a stream. Be amazed by the natural stalagmite and stalactite formations inside the Mausmai Caves near Cherrapunji. Discover the botanical wonders of the Mawphlang Sacred Grove where over 450 species of rare plants and herbs thrive in their natural habitat. For those who enjoy adventure, there’s rappelling down the mountain at Elephant Falls. Discover the intriguing legends behind Dianthlen and Nohkalikai Falls and explore the quaint town of Shillong that has held on to its old world charm. Spend a night in the wettest place on Earth- Cherrapunji and take in the vibrant hustle- bustle of the local market day. This is an immersive tour that takes you across the farthest reaches of Meghalaya for an unforgettable experience. Best time to visit: October to April Please Note: The Umshiang root bridge is a challenging trek and is recommended for seasoned trekkers and those with good physical fitness. This trek is not recommended for children under 18 years of age. Rappelling at Elephant Falls is recommended for those with good physical fitness. Visit to Cherrapunji Market is subject to travel date. The market is held once every eight days and may or may not coincide with the day of the tour. 

Sacred groves, root bridges, ancient caves: every corner of Meghalaya offers new wonders

Meghalaya is home to some of the most interesting natural wonders of the north east. Sacred groves here are a source of wonder for botanists. These are sacred forests that house rare plants and herbs, many with rich medicinal qualities, in addition to several varieties of ferns and orchids. The Mawphlang Grove near Shillong, is one of the most celebrated groves in Meghalaya and included in the itinerary of the best Meghalaya tours.

Natural root bridges of Cherrapunji are a spectacular example of human ingenuity and innovation. The tribal Khasi villagers have trained the roots of living rubber fig-trees to form natural bridges over streams. A visit to the incredible “double-decker” bridge near Nongriat is a must and so is the natural root bridge tour of Meghalaya.

Most Cherrapunji tour operators include a trip to the Mausmai Caves. These caves located near the Sohra Market have some fascinating rock formations inside it including natural passages and chambers and are greatly favoured by tourists.

Get Your Adrenaline Fix Amid Idyllic Locales

The Umngot River in Dawki situated between India and Bangladesh is another tourist hotspot. The river presents stunning views of the surrounding landscape and holds an annual boat race that is a major attraction for sports enthusiasts. River rafting is another sport that is enjoyed on the Dawki River with a series of challenging rapids along the route. Archery is a sport very popular in Shillong. A visit to the Archery Stakes is a common feature on most Shillong holiday packages. It combines archery and gambling and is held daily in an open field.  The best way to enjoy the beauty of Meghalaya is by trekking up the many trails along the mountains as well as forested grounds. The best Meghalaya tours offer some good trekking opportunities that let you explore the terrain for yourself, as well as experience the exhilaration of the sport.

Discover the ethos of conservation

One of the highlights of a Shillong holiday package is a visit to Mawlynnong, touted as the cleanest village in Asia. Villagers work hard to maintain its immaculate surroundings. Every road has a bin made of bamboo that is used for waste disposal and this waste is then used as fertilizer. There is much to learn from the simple methods they use for sustaining ecological balance in Mawlynnong. This is why the cleanest village tour has become so popular in recent years. Mawlynnong also presents some interesting sights like the living root bridge in Riwai and a strange formation of a boulder balanced on top a smaller rock. Besides, it also offers breathtaking views of the green plains of Bangladesh, being located on the Indo-Bangla border.

Visit the wettest place in the world

Cherrapunji in the eastern Khasi district of Meghalaya was said to be the rainiest place on earth. However, the title is presently held by adjoining Mawsynram. In addition to natural wonders like the Mawsmai Caves and Nohkalikai Falls, a major attraction at Cherrapunji is Market Day or Iew- Sohra. Cherrapunji tour operators include a trip to the local market in their itineraries. There are two types of market days- the Iewbah or big market and Iewrit or small market. Iewbah is held once in every eight days and is a sight to behold. People from surrounding villages, pile into town for Market Day, in taxis and buses that ply non-stop, from morning to night. The market sells everything from meats to agricultural equipment and is a fascinating place to visit.

Join in the celebrations of local festivals

Meghalaya sees the celebration of several local festivals around the year by the different Khasi and Garo tribes who live there. Given the predominantly agrarian livelihood of the people of Meghalaya, most of these festivals pay homage to the deities of agriculture and farming. The Nongkrem Dance or the Shad Nongkrem is a five-day long annual festival of the Khasi tribe held in the month of November. Another Khasi festival called the Shad Sukmysiem is held in April. A popular Garo festival called the Wangala Dance is held in October after the harvest. Behdeinkhlam is another vibrant Jaintia festival held annually in July. A tribal village tour of Meghalaya lets you experience these colourful festivals with the locals and get an insight into their fascinating histories.

Like most of the northeast, Meghalaya remains largely unexplored in spite of its many natural wonders and rich cultural heritage. The untouched beauty of the place is like no other and provides a deep sense of peace and spiritual awareness. offers some of the best Meghalaya tours to let you explore all the attractions of this beautiful abode of clouds. So book your tour with us today!