What is Ahom all about

Welcome to Ahom. We are a travel company based in Guwahati, Assam providing comprehensive travel solutions for northeast India. A land once ruled by the invincible Ahom kings, the northeast retains echoes of its sovereignty in its distinctive identity that stands in stark contrast with the rest of India. The northeast remains an enigma to many - unexplored, unfamiliar. The clouds descending from the mighty Himalayas shroud the land with their veil of secrecy. The cluster of eight remains behind this curtain as a seemingly impenetrable zone of unknown mysteries. We at Ahom have lifted the veil; indeed we have delved deep into the heart of the northeast and uncovered the many secrets it holds. And we have been mesmerised with what we have found.

The Northeast truly is a treasure trove of gems just waiting to be discovered and we want to share our stories with you.

At Ahom, our aim is not to sell pre-packaged tours that take you from point A to B with a pre-set itinerary. We want you to have the same experiences that we have had and be as enchanted with the place as we are. Our own knowledge of the region, coupled with the expertise of our local partners has helped us design unique getaways for the discerning traveller. Do you fancy a weekend retreat in a heritage bungalow tucked away in the middle of a secluded tea estate in the hills of Assam? Experience colonial life and be transported back to an era of languid days and quiet evenings by the fireplace; where you can choose to go on a solitary hike with your binoculars to spot rare birds or just sit on the veranda with a favourite book sipping on a cup of the estate’s first flush.

Ahom’s philosophy is to let you live the stories

Our guides are excellent story tellers who can regale you with the histories of every place you visit. We understand the different travel requirements of solitary travellers, groups and honeymooners and have travel ideas to suit every interest. We partner with the best to ensure that your safety is in the best hands. So whether you choose a rafting expedition on the Brahmaputra or a trek up the snowy mountains of north Sikkim, Ahom always has your back.

Travel involves so much more than just visiting places

It is an amalgamation of discovering new cultures, languages, foods, traditions and people. A visit to the northeast is like a slow immersion into a whole new world that presents a phantasmagoria of changing sights with every step. We’ll take you to the heart of Ziro Valley, a land as exquisitely beautiful as it is desolate; meet the last surviving head hunters of the Konyak tribe of Nagaland and see the animal heads that have replaced the grizzly human skulls on their front walls; make the arduous trek up to Tawang and pay obeisance at the 400 year old monastery that stands in defiance to the ravages of time; spot the varied bio-life that thrive in their natural habitat and join in the celebrations of the myriad festivals that colour the lives of the tribes of the Northeast.

Ahom works on a strict principle of fair trade prices

Our standards are high, for ourselves as well as our partners and we ensure neither is compromised by paying ethical wages to locals. The idea is to promote responsible tourism that helps in a holistic growth of the region.

We like to think of our guests as like-minded friends with similar interests.

We want to take you to the roads less travelled and have a one-of-a-kind trip that you always remember. We are flexible with itineraries and offer tailor-made trips. You are the traveller and we want you to do the things that interest you, on a schedule that you’re comfortable with. Our itineraries are essentially blueprints that we can modify according to your preferences.

An Ahom tour is a journey in every sense of the word

We take you to some of the remotest and most beautiful spots in northeast India providing the best logistical support. Yet, our service goes beyond that. With the very first trip that you book with us, we want to start a dialogue that continues over a period of time, touching upon each of the eight states that comprise the northeast.

Book with us today and let us take you on a journey like no other. The Northeast beckons and it’s time to go!