Book an 11-Day Subansiri River Rafting Tour with Ahom to enjoy a rafting experience of a lifetime. Translated as the ‘Golden River’, the Subansiri is the largest tributary of the River Brahmaputra. The transboundary tributary flows from Tibet and enters India through Arunachal Pradesh. It continues to flow through the planes of Assam before joining the Great Brahmaputra in the Lakhimpur District, at the confluence in Majuli. The Subansiri is known for its surrounding rocky terrains and lush green forests. The steep, rugged mountains in the upper course of the river make the landscape nearly isolated and extremely difficult to access. The river presents exciting challenges with its enormous rapids and powerful current. The surrounding landscapes of forests, mountains and picturesque tribal villages in the Siang Valley are exquisitely beautiful. The few inhabitants of this side of the Eastern Himalayas have been living in the hills for over a thousand years, and are friendly and welcoming to the adventurers who come their way. On this short but intense trip, you will experience the riverine valleys of Arunachal Pradesh like never before. Get ready for an exciting, adrenaline-powered rafting experience along the upper-course of the Golden River; we promise it’s worth all your efforts! 

10 Nights 11 Days Available on request
What we'll give. What we won't

What is included in the tour

  • All domestic transfers and local transportation
  • All local accommodation 
  • All meals during the trip 
  • Professional rafting guides 

What is NOT included in the tour

  • Airfare 
  • Travel insurance 
  • Accommodation in Delhi 
  • Additional travel not mentioned in the itinerary 
  • Personal expenditure
What makes this tour special
  • Tackle challenging rapids in the Upper Subansiri 
  • Visit pristine campsites and explore the beautiful riverside 
  • Learn about indigenous cultures in the area as you pass through tribal villages 
  • Experience some of the most beautiful scenic views of Arunachal Pradesh
Day 01: Arrival at Dibrugarh (-, L, D)
  • Your Subansiri River Rafting Tour begins from Assam. Arrive at Dibrugarh from Delhi by flight. After checking into your hotel, have a delicious traditional Assamese lunch. Known as the ‘Tea City of India’, Dibrugarh is a major industrial city in Assam that is a centre of communication, education and health-care in the eastern zone of India. After lunch, go out and see some of the popular tourist attractions in the city like the Koli Aai Thaan, the Radha Krishna Temple and the Maha Bodhi Vihar. Call it an early night after dinner at the hotel.
Day 02: Local River Boat across the Brahmaputra (B, L, D)
  • Start early the next morning to reach the Boghiwheel Ghat. Enjoy a stunning view of the wide River Brahmaputra stretching across nearly 10 km. You may even spot a few dolphins, should you be lucky enough! The local boat will take you across the river where a vehicle will pick you up for your drive to Basar. This five-hour-long drive will take you across beautiful forested landscapes and winding hilly pathways of Arunachal Pradesh till you reach Western Siang. Basar, a beautiful remote hill-town is home to the Galo ethnic group. Admire the pristine natural beauty of the surrounding forests, the fruit orchards, the hills and the rivulets of the Siang Valley. Spend the night in a hotel in the town.   
Day 03: Drive up to So Nala Camp (B, L, D)
  • Continue to drive up to So Nala, where you will set up camp for the night. The eight-hour-long journey may be taxing, but you will be rewarded with some extraordinarily beautiful scenes as you travel on winding mountain roads and lush green forests of the Siang Valley. In the evening, attend a full safety briefing and instructions for rafting. Help out with readying the gear, and retreat early for the night for the beginning of your grand adventure on the Subansiri the next day!
Day 04: Raft from So Nala to Taliha (B, L, D)
  • Your rafting experience begins from today. Descend from So Nala and embark on a six-hour-long journey to Taliha. You will encounter some exciting Class 4+ rapids along the way. Reach Taliha in the evening, and set up camp there for the night.   
Day 05: From Taliha to Menga (B, L, D)
  • Enjoy a four hour long run from Taliha to Menga. This stretch will prove to be both challenging and fun, as you negotiate the turbulent waters, as well as take in the surrounding scenic beauty. Pitch your camp at Menga for the night.
Day 06: From Menga to Wilderness Camp (B, L, D)
  • Today, enjoy a 6-hour run from Menga to the Wilderness Beach - the most intense day on your Subansiri River Rafting Tour. True to its name, the Wilderness Beach is a site of pristine natural splendour. The steep walls covered in thick green vegetation and the light mist rising from the waters will give you a sense of living within a fairy-tale. Admire the view of the stunning Subansiri till dusk as you set up camp here for the night. 
Day 07: Camp at Tree Log Beach (B, L, D)
  • Enjoy a short run of 3 hours from the Wilderness Camp and reach the Tree Log Beach; equally spectacular in its natural surroundings. After setting up camp, you can go on to explore the surrounding area and the neighbouring village. 
Day 08: Camp at Tiger Beach (B, L, D)
  • Today’s run will last four hours, till you reach Tiger Beach, your destination for the day. Set up camp by the river, and go on to explore the surroundings. Take a hike to the neighbouring village, walk along the riverbank, or relax and enjoy the scenic view from your camp. 
Day 09: Resting Day at Tiger Beach (B, L, D)
  • Get some much-needed rest today at the camp. Spend your day as you prefer. You can read, relax, enjoy some light sports outside, or explore the surrounding area further by taking a long walk along the river. Today is the last day where you will experience Subansiri in all its grandeur. Enjoy the scene to the fullest while it lasts!
Day 10: Return to Dibrugarh (B, L, D)
  • Your rafting experience ends today as you run for one final time for an hour and a half before you reach the lower Subansiri Dam. This large scale gravity dam has transformed much of the natural landscape in the surrounding area. Beach your rafts here, and board your cars to drive up to Boghiwheel Ghat. Reach Dibrugarh by ferry and check into your hotel for the night.
Day 11: Departure (B, -, -)
  • Today is the final day of your Subansiri River Rafting Tour. After breakfast, a car will drop you off to the airport, where you can take a flight to Delhi. This trip will be a truly memorable experience for you, especially at a time when technological developments steadily transform natural landscapes. You are sure to cherish the beautiful memories of the beautiful Upper Subansiri and your adventure-filled rafting experience.

Route Map